Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Apk Mod

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Apk Mod latest is a Role Playing Android game

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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is a Role Playing android game made by B.V. that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !
Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Accept new subjects, assign them to their duties, train and protect your men and women! Defy your rivals and laws of physics as you build and upgrade your fortress!

Your pudgy warriors look great in their shining armor! Nourish and train your troops, and they’ll crush the armies of Grav the Mighty Brainpan, find the shelter of the fearsome OM-NOM, put the Abyss Lord back in his place, and also burn down a couple of enemies’ castles!

All day long your scribes scratch their heads with quills, treasurers spill coins on the floor and blacksmiths drop anvils on their feet for the sake of your prosperity! Prepare true specialists, become wealthy and influential! Build a dating room and watch your subjects have children who’ll soon grow up and serve you too!

Assume command, my lord! Here are some of the opportunities you get in the game:

– Story-driven campaign. In hundreds of missions your heroes fight orcs, giants, skeletons and even dragons! Battle magic, cold steel and cunning strategy – the end justifies the means!
– Castle construction. Build new rooms for your stronghold and upgrade the existing ones. You’ve got all you need to create a dream castle! Begin the construction now!
– Developing the villagers. Each of your subjects can learn new skills and wear any equipment. Train great warriors and scribes… and then swap them with each other!
– Multiplayer. Get medieval! Burn and plunder the castle of someone you don’t like… And you don’t like all of them, right?

We are now working on:
– Clans: Join an exciting cooperative gameplay! Create clans together with other players, talk in chat, develop you kingdoms, train your champions, conquer territories and dominate other kingdoms.
– Portals and mazes: even more options to earn unique chests with precious rewards. New enemies, new bosses and new territories!
– Caravans: if you are tired of war, go into business!
– The extension of the storyline campaign: get to the chief villain and triumph over the universal evil!
– Collections and unique heroes
– Daily log-in bonuses
– The improvement of the visual elements of the game
– The optimization and balance of the game process
– Performance improvements
All of these and many other innovations are waiting for you in the upcoming updates!

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Apk Mod

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Apk Mod

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Apk Mod

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Apk Mod

Mod info:
– x10 Damage
– x10 Range

Whats New:

– Very soon, the game will see a new event. Wait for Grav to show up at your castle gate! New gear with unique abilities, tons of useful rewards, and a barrel of fun guaranteed.
– The Warlord is a new rank available within the clan. Also, you can now rename ranks.
– We’ve introduced heavy penalties for bot usage.
– New gear with unique abilities is available in the Arena Store.
– Read more about the new features in the game.

Auto collect resources
Auto complete training
Auto resolve room events
Auto click wishes
Auto start clan wars
Speed up battle without premium
Show ability cooldown
Show equipment power
Watch multiple festival ads
Show change opponent cooldown
Auto born children
Auto reconnect in maintenance
Auto open chests

what new:

Free to play
Changed the chests opening dialog (one by one / all at once) to reduce errors

Play to win
– stop avtoareny when a captcha appears, so that you have time to solve it. after several times, the captcha should no longer appear
– fix brakes when autohero function is on
– automatic intrusion
– automatic passage of the holiday card

Automatic invasion and holiday card works only when the barracks are filled with healthy soldiers and you have enough resources to attack the points

Play to Win Features

Precalculate PvP, PvE, portal, and gem bay battles, so you can prepare to use spells when you are about to lose.
Auto play arena 24/7 with smart prediction. It’s the most time-consuming activity in the game. Don’t let your food go waste when you sleep.
Auto play 20 rounds of gem bay, only stop when you have to use spells to win the battle.
Auto play portal until you are running out of food or you lose a battle. You can trigger this feature by entering a portal level twice in a row.
Auto clearing invasions. Your barracks should be full and healthy.
Auto attacking festival map. Your barracks should be full and healthy.
When you first use the mod, Play to Win features are enabled by default. You can try them in 3 days before deciding to subscribe.

It costs $9.99 a month. It will help me make a living and continue modding this game. You will be suggested to upgrade your account when you open the game.

When the payment is complete, please restart the game to activate paid features.

Shortcut Commands

You can rename a dweller to active predefined actions.

– requestf: auto request food from clan
– requestg: auto request gold from clan
– requestm: auto request mana from clan
– requestw auto request wood from clan
– requesti: auto request iron from clan
– requestn: disable auto request resource from clan
– claimrw: collect all rewards from messages section
– clrgreyf: break all common fighter equipment
– clrgreenf: break all uncommon fighter equipment
– clrbluef: break all rare fighter equipment
– clrpurplef: break all epic fighter equipment
– clrcook{number}: break all food production equipment under level {number}
– clrtrea{number}: break all gold production equipment under level {number}
– clralch{number}: break all mana production equipment under level {number}
– clrcarp{number}: break all wood production equipment under level {number}
– clrblack{number}: break all iron production equipment under level {number}
– foodads: watch food ads
– arenaads: watch arena ads
– portalads: watch portal ads
– lossads: watch loss recovery ads
– cleargem: break grey and green gems
– clrgreyg: break grey gems
– clrgreeng: break green gems
– topgembay: view players on gem bay leaderboard
– {number}: limit the auto training limit of your dweller to level {number}
– gems: view gem statistics
– clrmem: kick inactive members in clan
– autohero: auto use hero spell in battles

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

In the case that you receive “Invalid key hash” error when logging in with Facebook, try the following steps:

Uninstall Facebook app.
From your News Feed in browser, click in the top right.
Click Settings.
Click Apps and Websites in the left menu.
Click the box next to Hustle Castle.
Click Remove.
Launch the mod and login with Facebook.
You will be redirected to a browser login for Facebook.
Enter your credentials.
You’re set and ready to go.

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